Real Madrid’s Title Bid in Jeopardy: Bellingham’s Injury Sparks Crisis

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Jude Bellingham suffered a serious injury in Real’s latest match against Rayo Vallecano.

Real Madrid just drew a regretful 0-0 against Rayo Vallecano right at the Santiago Bernabeu after a completely dominant match.

Launching a total of 22 shots but only 5 times the ball hit the target, with 64% ball control and 11 corner kicks in the entire match, Los Blancos still could not penetrate the opponent’s net once and were completely helpless. witnessed the disappointment of the home audience.

Even the “White Vultures” suffered heavy losses when their current number 1 star, Jude Bellingham, reported a serious injury, causing the atmosphere in the Spanish capital to become extremely gloomy.


Disorganised' Real Madrid fail to reclaim top spot in LALIGA as Jude Bellingham injury sparks concern

The English midfielder hugged his shoulder and collapsed in the first half of the match. Real’s doctors had to immediately rush onto the field to stabilize his shoulder and thoroughly examine the 20-year-old star’s condition. After that, Bellingham was still able to continue playing but with a tight shoulder and an “unpleasant” face for the remainder of the match.

Losing the top spot in La Liga, Real also lost Bellingham due to serious injury 352111

Jude Bellingham suffered a shoulder injury. Photo: GOAL.

Speaking after the match, head coach Carlo Ancelotti updated the situation: “Bellingham has a big shoulder problem, he will need to undergo thorough medical examinations before the final results are announced.”

“It seems more serious than the doctors initially predicted, but I hope he can return soon in the next match against Braga in the UEFA Champions League.”

Bellingham left his mark on the match with a shot that hit the away team’s crossbar in the first half, but the English star was not in his best shape one day and could not continue to shine and bring victory to Los Blancos like he did. often do in the past.


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