Against the Odds: The Incredible Tale of Buchiko, a Colored Thoroughbred Champion

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Horse racing is one of the fastest growing disciplines due to huge number of people interested in it. Sometimes it is widely considered underrated and often it doesn’t get all the deserved recognition giving the fact that a lot of shows are undersold, however, this fact is changing rapidly hence, we can be very optimistic about it.



During these races, we have seen a lot of things that little were expected by the audience. I am pretty sure that all of you remember the horse race when only two out of six riders managed to finish the race and the funny part is that the winner was one of the horses who dropped its rider previously.


Well, the video below isn’t about these extreme scenarios, it is about a racehorse named Buchiko like no other. He is simply one of the prettiest horses I have ever seen. Not only beautiful, but it is also very talented as well. It’s really easy to steal the audience’s hearts with a horse like that.


I am stunned simply by watching the video below, leave alone enjoying his performances in person. You can tell that he, together with his trainer have made an amazing job since they managed to achieve the perfect combination between speed and endurance.

He truly is one of a kind! There is nothing left to say but have a look at the following video for more, let us know your thoughts on the video, and please do not forget to spread out the video on social media with your loved ones.

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