Exploring Steph Curry’s Exclusive Training Sanctuary

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One of the most stunning things about Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is his speed.

For years now, he has been heralded as one of the quickest guards in the league, even as he gets older.

This is no coincidence and Curry has done many things to keep himself lightning-fast.

That includes pursuing some rather interesting locations for his exercises.

A video shared by Carl Bergstrom, via TheWarriorsTalk, showed Curry running up and down sand dunes in the deserts of Dubai.

This workout looks downright exhausting and yet Curry was unsurprisingly doing just fine.


It makes a lot of sense for Curry to race around sand dunes in the Middle East.

The depth and weight of the sand, as well as the upward slant, make it incredibly challenging.

Walking through this sand is not easy and running through it is even harder.

But Curry wants a challenge so that he can push himself and get in the best shape possible before the new season kicks off in just a few weeks.

This might end up being a very interesting and unique season for Curry.

That’s partly because his team had a rough 2022-23.

They made the second round of the playoffs but only after months of up-and-down performances and a troubled record on the road.

In the summer, the Warriors acquired Chris Paul, one of the other greatest guards in the NBA.

So, there is a chance that Curry will have more time to rest in 2023-24.

This could lead to him being healthier and spending more time in the league before retirement.

Regardless of how the new season plays out, Curry is going to be ready for it all and in wonderful shape.

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