Bride’s Photo Shoot Interrupted by Horse’s Playful Antics

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Since when they’re little, girls always dream about their wedding day and how beautiful they will look with their wedding dress. They think about every tiny detail and pay special attention to the wedding photoshoot. We all want to look in our best shape in photos, especially at such an important event.

Those are the photos that you will show at family gatherings and to your future kids for many years to come! One bride decided to challenge all the other brides and have the wedding photoshoot of her dreams. She wanted to be recorded riding a horse on the beach. This was a risky choice because animals are unpredictable, and when they are uncomfortable, they can cause harm or injury.

Horses are usually not supposed to be dangerous creatures, but they can surely throw someone off their backs. In the video shown below, taken on a beautiful beach in South Carolina, the bride lifts herself onto the back of a beautiful horse. She does so a bit inelegantly but succeeds to sit comfortably enough.


It’s not the horses or the brides’ fault but definitely, the bride didn’t know anything about horses, and surely the horse wasn’t trained to have anything draped over him. We have to say that you cannot just put a dress or a tarp or anything of that sort on top of a horse that isn’t trained for it. Without any warning, the animal starts to run and then bolts, throwing the poor bride in the sand. Fortunately, she was not seriously hurt, and only experienced a few minor bruises.


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